This week the Keyflow team have been inundated with adorable photos of Keyflow fed foals! It has been a great week for new arrivals! Who doesn’t love a foal photo! 

Feeding a broodmare and her developing foal can be daunting, especially if it is the first time you have bred from your mare. The Keyflow range keeps it simple and removes confusion with our two unique stud feeds, Nurture; a complete high fibre feed, and Nurture Pro; a concentrated stud balancer. 

When we think of feeding our youngstock, broodmares and stallions, we have to ask ourselves – what do they actually NEED and why? 

As always, correct nutrition should begin with a high fibre base from forage such as grass, hay, haylage or additional chopped or soaked fibre. We can help you to evaluate the fibre and forage you feed, assessing the contribution it makes to the overall nutrition and therefore recommending the best supplementary or hard feed to achieve a balanced diet. 

We ensure that your mare is receiving all that she needs to supply her foal with the correct levels of vitamins, minerals and proteins in utero and whilst lactating. This can be done using a complete feed, such as Nurture or a concentrated stud balancer, such as Nurture Pro.

Feeding the broodmare often focuses on the final trimester. When the foal is in its final stages of development and the mare is preparing to feed her using the vital colostrum she will produce. Mares fed on Keyflow Nurture or Nurture Pro have great IqG (antibody levels) in their colostrum supporting the newborn foal’s immune system and setting it up for life. 

We often recommend feeding Pink Mash alongside Nurture Pro and Nurture to ensure your mares digestive system is fully supported and to increase the levels of highly digestible fibre in her meal. Mares can ‘go off’ their feed towards their due date as their foal takes up a huge amount of space in their abdomen, leaving little room for the large volume of fibre from hay/haylage or grass forage. Supporting the health of the hindgut is vital. The low feeding rate of our stud range, and its highly palatable flavour help to maintain your mare’s appetite. 

Protein is of course, vital for the correct development of our foals. We use a unique combination of ingredients and protein sources within Nurture and Nurture Pro which are selected specifically to supply ALL of the essential amino acids needed and provide you with peace of mind. 

Having a baby is exhausting! Our mares may sometimes need an additional ‘top up’ to their calorie intake to help them stay in tip top shape! Using Keyflow Key 3 oil is a great option- long chain omega 3 DHA and EPA are included to not only provide additional calories for your mare, but to also support her skin, joints and coat. For more information about the great benefits of long chain omega 3 click here.

Molasses free and easily digested due to steam extrusion the Keyflow stud range is perfectly in tune with your horses needs. Click here to read more about the technology behind Steam Extrusion.