With the equine breeding season in full swing, we wanted to share with you some great tips for supporting your mares and foals!

Mares are in foal for 335-345 days! Vets generally recommend checking your mare more often from 320 days. Using a foaling camera is a great way to check your mare, while allowing her not to be disturbed too often.

Preparing a large, clean and safe environment for your mare to foal in is essential, allow her to become accustomed to her new space, a few weeks before she is due.

When your foal arrives, he or she should be up and standing within an hour, and suckling within 2 hours. If you have any concerns about your mare or foal, CONSULT YOUR VET!

Did you know that feeding the pregnant mare a diet rich in long chain Omega-3's (DHA and EPA) can directly help with the development of the foal in-utero? Only these have proven to be passed to the foal, short chain ALA's may not. These fatty acids can also support colostrum quality and immune function.

Feeding a mare and foal can be daunting, with so many options on the market. The Keyflow stud range plays an essential role in ensuring correct development and growth of your foals and youngstock, while providing high quality nutrition to your mare. As your foal grows and takes up more space in your mares abdomen, your mare may eat a little less fibre and providing her with small meals, and gut support to keep the hind gut healthy is ideal. Pink Mash is a great option as it provides highly digestible fibre with Protexin probiotics and prebiotics included.

If your mare is looking well, and we want to ensure she is receiving her daily essential nutrients, with low sugar and low starch. Using an easy to digest high quality stud balancer allows the feed volume to remain small, Nurture Pro is easy to digest, with only the best calibre nutrients included. Long chain omega 3 and great levels of quality protein, support the development of your new arrival, as well as your broodmare mare when she needs it most!

Opting for an easy to digest complete feed, such as Keyflow Nurture, is ideal for mares who 'need that little bit more'. Complete feeds have a higher feeding rate, and will provide additional fibre, protein and energy. Split between multiple small meals to maximise the effect.

We must also consider the quality of the mares milk, as once the foal arrives, it is vital our broodmare can cope with feeding a young and hungry foal! Keyflow Key-3 Oil provides long chain omega 3 to support foetal development and colostrum production, as well as additional joint support and calories to our broodmare. Without adding bulk to her meals.

Contact the Keyflow team to discuss your broodmare and foals requirements, to give them the very best start!